The Diva Viviana Canosa expressed her solidarity with Franco Rinaldi and denounced an «operetta».

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Viviana Canosa expressed her solidarity with Franco Rinaldi and denounced an «operetta».
The host of «Viviana con Vos», Viviana Canosa, referred to Franco Rinaldi’s accident and the «double standard» of the Government.

In her editorial of «Viviana Con Vos», Viviana Canosa referred to the «morality of the Government» and the traffic accident suffered by the former candidate for Congressman Franco Rinaldi.

Viviana Canosa’s editorial: Argentina a madness

«The kings of double standards, the corrupt, the delinquents, those who locked us in quarantine, those of the VIP vaccinator, those of the Olivos Gate will run. We are going to make them run more than the runners that you banned».

«They are going to run because you are used to run away like rats. because you are not going to be able to walk on the street. because you plundered Argentina, because you corrupted everything and broke education, family and values».

«Today Franco Rinaldi had a car accident at dawn with a delivery woman. In the video, as we are seeing, Franco crossed on the green. The one who was in the wrong was the girl on the bicycle. It is clear that Franco did not commit any recklessness. Look how the pro-government media covered it. Opereta! They tried to dirty Martín Tetaz who went to the place because Rinaldi called him».

«You lack morals. You have no authority to lift your finger, nor to judge anything. You have no morals to judge me, who are you?»

«This government sucks education, sucks kids, sucks everything. Remember how they celebrated when they won, they are going to run. Will Alberto Fernández be aware of all the evil he did to us? I don’t know, for me he is on drugs».

The former candidate for Liberal Deputy for Juntos por el Cambio, was the victim of an accident in the middle of the night on Las Heras Avenue; the woman, who crossed on red, is out of danger.
In the last hours, Franco Rinaldi was involved in a car accident in Palermo. Moments before, he had shared a dinner with Congressman Martín Tetaz, who was one of the first people to arrive at the place of the accident to assist him. He is a political scientist who was also a pre-candidate for congressman.

Franco Rinaldi has a degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires. He is also a journalist and consultant on commercial aviation issues. In the last legislative elections he was part of the list of United Republicans, the liberal front of Ricardo López Murphy in the City of Buenos Aires, but he did not manage to obtain the necessary votes to continue in the race.

His name resounded loudly when he was on Mirtha Legrand’s show La Noche de Mirtha (eltrece), where he was invited to present his book Aerolíneas Argentinas 2000 días de pérdidas (Aerolíneas Argentinas 2000 days of losses).

Rinaldi was as a guest on Mirtha Legrand’s program where he presented his book Aerolíneas Argentinas, 2,000 days of losses
In addition to his work as an aeronautical consultant, he has a career as a referent on Youtube and his videos titled «Un café con Franco». In his Instagram account he has more than 10 thousand followers and it was there where he shared much of the campaign he did for the PASO of 2021.

Rinaldi suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, is 1.10 meters tall and uses a wheelchair to get around. In 1992 he won the Persona Award in the category Child of the Year; which years later gave name to his book, where he recounts the difficulties he had to face in his life on a daily basis.

Franco Rinaldi rammed a delivery woman in Palermo
In the early hours of Friday morning, Rinaldi hit a delivery woman with his car at the intersection of Las Heras and Billinghurst in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo. The victim had to be hospitalized and is out of danger.