«El camino del libertario»: Milei’s new book is out.

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It narrates his life, the ideological bases of his thought, his immersion in politics and transcribes his speeches given at different events.

The new book by Congressman Javier Milei is already on sale in all bookstores in the country. It is «El camino del libertario». It has 352 pages and was published by Editorial Planeta. In it, one of the emerging candidates of the 2021 electoral cycle tells about his life, the ideological bases of his thought, his immersion in the world of politics and transcribes his speeches given in different events.

This is not Milei’s first book. He has already published «Lecturas de economía en tiempos de kirchnerismo», «El retorno al sendero al sendero de la decadencia argentina», «Desenmascarando la mentira keynesiana» and «Pandenomics». The last one, published in 2021, was consolidated as the second best-selling economics book of the year.

The structure of the work consists of three constituent elements, explained Milei’s

«One is a sort of autobiography where I explain what has been all the previous until I became a candidate, from a perspective linked to professional and personal issues with which I was related and my time on television,» said Milei.
Regarding the second section, the legislator said: «There I reflect the discussion of ideas. There is strictly new material in which I discuss with neoclassical economists. There is also another new element, which is the section on economic growth. And there are other parts that bring up articles on problems that remain unresolved, despite the fact that we have been discussing them for years, and that is what I call the battles of ideas».

The third and last part of the book contains the main speeches and statements made by the economist during the campaign for last year’s legislative elections. The prologue is by Alberto Benegas Lynch (Jr.).
«The book is a testimony of the path I followed. How I faced different difficulties and how I overcame them. And that this continuum of situations is what explains the place that society has given me today», said Milei.

«El camino del libertario» has testimonies of people who played an active role in that path, such as the Buenos Aires legislator Ramiro Marra; his best friend Rodolfo; his sister Karina; the influencer Lilia Lemoine; Bertie Benegas Lynch; the filmmaker Santiago Oría; the president of the Libertarian Party of the City of Buenos Aires Nicolás Emma and the national deputy Victoria Villarruel, who seconded him in the elections of 2021.

While there are no testimonials from his infallible companion (his dog Conan), the dog has a place in the book. «Dogs are the noblest beings in the universe. They never fail. They never make mistakes. When I lost my job, back in 2004, Conan was already with me. The situation was complex: I was on the floor and everyone was kicking me in the head. Some of them even seemed to take turns. The only ones who were always with me were Conan and my sister Karina,» writes Milei, according to a preview of the book published in Infobae.

«In the book I describe all the people who throughout my life have given me a lot of value to be able to grow in ideas and knowledge. The nine people who give their testimonies are because they have been by my side in many moments», added Milei.ç

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Finally, the libertarian referent invited to read this new title. «I think it may be of interest to those who have been following me for a long time because it allows to give a causal thread to a lot of things that suddenly may be unconnected. It can also be very useful for those who want to explore and try to understand and assimilate the logic of what is happening, which is a more interesting way to understand what is going on and not this disdain of the disgusting and repugnant political caste that we have when they say ‘it is the angry vote, it is people who are angry'».