Not saying goodbye, a price that many pay to migrate


Since 2014, the massive wave of Venezuelan citizens that migrated has increased to more than five million exiles to this day.

In pursuit of a better future, Venezuelans have not hesitated to reinvent themselves in another country, leaving their homes, careers, lives and most importantly, moving away from their own family. This has forced an estrangement, which has been transformed several times into a pain that crosses borders. Why? Because the feeling of losing a family member, a friend, or someone very close while being far away is different from any other type of loss. The feeling that perhaps many in exile go through for not giving one last kiss or hug plunges many into questions or hypotheses created by their minds, questions that morally suffocate them for countless nights.

The purpose of the family is being by your side during those difficult or hard times, and their support is something that does not compare to anything else. Today, this has been snatched from us, and sadly, it is a reality. The price we Venezuelans pay is very high just for wanting to have regular lives.

Now more than ever, away from our beloved country, we must unite as brothers and sisters, as a family because it has been taken away from us. Airports and borders are no place to bid farewell, but to welcome. Returning should be our primary objective to be able to encourage ourselves to keep moving forward. Enough is enough. Video calls, text messages and emails must be swapped for knocking on the door of our loved one’s home and giving the kind of hugs that fill the soul.

Venezuelans in exile at the hand of God are the most powerful weapon to achieve freedom, we just have to understand it. Sacrifices have already been made and we have the chance of making a real change in our hands, away from vices and other issues that have interfered with achieving our freedom.

“Those who were unable to say goodbye to a loved one is because they are meant to be together for life ”.

This fight is also spiritual, and what could be better than the memory of those who gave us so much to keep carrying on? Hardly any.

Let us put aside that political parties’ interests and fake leadership for the greater good as those of us who are abroad have so much to give.

The good ones outnumber the bad ones.

This is for all of those who had to leave due to the conditions and to all of those who have suffered departures to cross borders in search of a better future.