Just as Garcia Marquez announced that Santiago Nasar was going to die from the very beginning of the novel “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”, days ago we indicated the danger of the Venezuelan fraud, the possible political death of the National Assembly somehow lead by the opposition and the direct death of the minimum balance in the nation public branches.

This song was already played in the past

But nevertheless, honoring the truth, a long time ago the real balance of public powers and autonomy was totally lost in the Venezuelan Case and The National Assembly wasn’t functioning as an opposition. Maduro and his mafia were already controlling it with the idea of interfering with the Parliament while maintaining the facade of “having an opposition” in front of the international community, and this was, by buying it.

This is how this generation of new “opponents” who emerged in 2007 ended doing what the historic Venezuelan opposition had already done, which was betraying the entire people who voted for them in 2015 and those who won the majority in the Legislative branch. Altogether, betraying the country in the most important mission they had: to take away the control of the misrule (which had already mutated into a narco-state by the active operation of the Cartel de Los Soles), a domain that would be taken away by executing all the national and international legal actions possible to regain its freedom.

None of this happened. In their motto “we better bend so as not to split” they acted in favor of Maduro and his mafia. They finished consolidating the collaboration and their dedication to the government while Venezuelans had their eyes and mouths wide in astonishment as they perplexedly watched months and months of the new management go by, without calls to recall a referendum against Maduro, (while calling for clandestine meetings and dialogues between misgovernment and pseudo opposition in Oslo and Barbados, which they only accepted after being discovered before the public opinion), assignments of space in parliament to Maduro deputies, and not to mention the non-call to the employment of Venezuelan military missions or for foreign intervention (art 187-11 Venezuela Constitution), not requesting assistance when there was an opportunity through the Inter-American Treaty to Reciprocal Assistance (IATR), not requesting the resource of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) through the UN and finally, not making direct requests to the international community that, with more than 50 countries, supported Guaidó in 2019 to be President in charge of the country, taking into account his condition as President of the National Assembly.

The inaction had a name: They had sold themselves.

They had done so for money, for fancy cars, trips, so they would “leave his and his relative’s businesses alone” with companies linked to the Venezuelan State, including those related with oil or access to the preferential dollar market.

Now those opposition politicians, mostly exiles, continue to go around the world talking boastfully and arguing that they are fervent opponents of a dictatorship, but they do not say what many Venezuelans know: that they are collaborators of the Narco-State and that they live, in or out of Venezuela, in complicity and cohabitation with the regime.

As a consequence, the results of the voting were that of 20.7 million Venezuelans summoned to the electoral polls. Maduro and his mafia obtained 187 seats for the regime and 90 seats for the pseudo opposition. However, this is not the most important fact, but the abstention percentage of 69% (15,445,896) vs. the participation of only 5,264,104 voters.

The country spoke.

But it was not following the call of Guaidó, the leader who was left without a proper Nation.


Why didn’t Venezuelans come out to vote on Sunday, December 6th?

  1. Because whether you voted or not, Maduro was already the winner. In fact, his television statement of “if the opposition had won, he would have resigned,” anticipated the proximity of the fraud, since he, under normal circumstances, would not have risen to the challenge.

Certainly, abstaining would not help beating Nicolás Maduro’s, but neither would have the majority of votes.

70% of abstinence leaves a more powerful message. The question that remains is, how do you take advantage of that later? Way later?

  1. The second reason why Venezuelans did not vote on 6th December was because it is a punishment vote for the ruling party and the opposition, who have played, on one hand, with the needs of the people, and on the other, with their hope. It also shows the profound disconnection -and although it sounds strong to say it, even contempt- for the representatives of current politics of each side.

So much disappointment and opportunities for freedom wasted has led to most of the people) to a process of “learned hopelessness” seeing that we have done everything in our power to get away from the “reds” (Maduro and his own mafia), but the “blues” (the supposed opposition), are not seeking for real solutions. They both are part of the Venezuelan nightmare.

None of them represent us

What happened yesterday was not an “electoral party” or a “democratic party” as the Dictator said. The traditional long lines to enter the schools authorized as part of the electoral process were not there. The few people who attended, mostly state workers or dependents of the “communal” organizations, were forced to go to receive a small food box that threatens dignity, but mitigates the hunger a little;  but still lacks enough calories.

Starting in January 2021, Venezuelans will have a mostly “red” Assembly, although with some crumbs for the pseudo opposition that dared to go to these elections, and with that, the Chronicle of a Fraud Foretold will have been executed.

Venezuelans, the people spread among those who are territorially within the 916,445 square kilometers of Venezuela and the 5 million migrants scattered around the world, have found ourselves in a political situation worse than the one years ago, this time without being able to count, evidently, with the misgovernment that plays with the basic needs of the Venezuelans (food, medicine, water, electricity, housing, security, and tranquility) nor on the pseudo opposition aforementioned that, having a golden opportunity, toyed with the hopes of the people and, while selling themselves, they discarded the possibility of our freedom.

Let the world know:

What happened on 6th December 2020 in Venezuela were not elections, they were only votes: in a dictatorship you can vote, but those votes do not actually count.


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